Ashton Leigh Wright
Branding & Event Specialist
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“Ashton was my wedding planner and did such a fantastic job! From helping select other vendors to keeping me on track with my timeline to making sure everything ran smoothly on the day, Ashton was invaluable.

—Meagan b. - 2017

"Ashton was amazing! She worked so hard to make our wedding day perfect. I am such a detail oriented person and she had a workbook that kept all of us on the same page and eased my fears of forgetting something. I had absolutely no worries on my wedding day thanks to the simply elegant group!! I watched my best friend plan her wedding all by herself and she nearly went insane with all the stress, while I was able to enjoy the wedding planning knowing Ashton had my back. Well WORTH the money!!"

—korinna g. - 2017

Ashton served as the honoree (as well as a team member) for Team Bleeding Orange in the 2012, San Francisco, Man & Woman of the Year campaign benefitting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

During this 10-week fundraising competition, Ashton helped Team Bleeding Orange execute 2 key events, secure a major sponsorship, and every team member individually solicited their respective networks in order to achieve an overall fundraising total of $35,000.

—mcihelle h. - 2013

"Ashton worked with me on the Microsoft Office 2010 team in the fall of 2010. Ashton was mainly responsible for gathering and reviewing monthly digital reports from global markets and pressure testing for accurate and complete information. She also managed the collection of global flowcharts and ensured these were updated monthly. Ashton had a good understanding of media. She was very organized and conscientious and she worked well with both the US media and analytics teams. I’m sure she will do well in an agency, client or media vendor setting and it's my pleasure to recommend her warmly to you.

— tara h. - 2013


"From my experience working with Ashton at Geary Interactive, I would highly recommend her. With her drive and dedication to client objectives, she always goes the extra mile to get the job done. Not only is she organized and detail oriented, but her excellent people skills allow her to communicate effectively with all coworkers, groups, and clients she interacts with. Her strong interest and passion for marketing can be seen through her involvement in industry organizations and networking events. Overall, Ashton would be a great asset to any team!

— laila b. - 2010

“Ashton is truly a gem and a pleasure to work with. Ashton proactively looks for opportunities to improve upon her success, managing some of the most valuable agency partnerships in my book of business. She thinks analytically, approaching a problem from both a technical and business perspective in mind when searching for a solution. She has a great business acumen, is a great presenter and business partner. Ashton builds great relationships, both internally and externally. Ashton's drive to continue to be her best shows in her work, both as an individual contributor and reliable team member. I highly recommend you consider hiring Ashton, she is truly an amazing person, and a great asset to any team.”

—kelly m. - 2018

"Faced with the challenge of an ambitious small business while bound by limitations, Ashton's support was pivotal in growing production to record levels in a very short period of time. She met each task with an open mind and heart. Driven by the opportunity to assist and connect with people, colleagues and vendors alike looked forward to interacting with Ashton daily."

—susan c. - 2016

Ashton is proactive, hardworking and would make a great addition to any team. With little direction, she took it upon herself to ensure we consistently had up to date media details for all International markets as well as collected and helped analyze global digital performance reports. In addition to her great work ethic, Ashton is a fun person to work with and be around in general. We always had a good time, even when things were stressful in the office. I highly recommend her.

— jennifer T. - 2013


"I worked with Ashton during the early stages of her digital marketing career and saw her eagerness to learn, grow and contribute from the start. She was able to learn and implement SEM strategies quickly and picked up new 3rd party technologies with ease. Not only was Ashton great at the strategic and technical details of her job as a media coordinator, she was also great with clients and clearly communicated campaign strategies, results and optimization recommendations.

—jennifer h. - 2013


"I have absolutely adored working with Ashton – she is smart, organized and hard working. She always seemed to be one step ahead of me in deliverables - sending reports and information, asking questions and completing tasks before I could even think to ask for it. I enjoyed watching her grow coordinator responsibilities to those of a planner, working above and beyond when needed and always wanting to learn by asking questions and taking on new responsibilities. Media reps were constantly praising her open and frequent communication while she managed campaign launches, optimizations and reporting. I would definitely hire Ashton if provided the opportunity and look forward to working together again one day!

— Erin n. - 2010